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Hooah! It's a word uttered at award ceremonies, bellowed from formations, and repeated before, during, and after training missions. You can hear it shouted by Air Force troops. The word is thundered out by Navy SEALs and by United States Marines (who pronounce it, "Ooh Rah!"). The word is an expression of high morale, strength, and confidence. When this company was formed, we searched for a word that embodied these elements and Hooah Security Services LLC was born.

Hooah Security is a team of men and women with decades of combined experience. Our experience comes from highly disciplined backgrounds in the United States Military and the professional security industry. Our educational background consists of various levels and types of degrees and professional certifications. We are in business to provide high-quality services, to build long-term partnerships with our clients, and to provide stable and rewarding careers for our employees.

The owner, Ric Bailey, retired from the military more than 10 years ago with more than 23 years of experience in the Air Force and a master's degree in criminal justice. He opened his own business with a focus on hiring veterans. This company started in Memphis, Tennessee, and has been growing throughout the state since then. Our team is now focused on branching out into Memphis and Knoxville.

Ric Bailey